Saturday, May 08, 2010


Had I been pulled out from my mother's womb before being born , I would't be enjoying such a delicious kutti pi.

Friday, April 02, 2010


As every night since Kate left out on honeymoon, Laura went to her apartment to water the plants and feed Osiris. She opened the door and turned on the lights. Kate was sitting on the sofa, plunged into shadows. She was staring at the TV - which was turned off - with the cat laying on her lap. Laura was surprised, and barely managed to ask her why she had arrived home one week earlier. Kate did not answer, but sobbed her heart out. Laura sat beside her and asked about James, trying to guess if they had have an argument. She asked Kate why she was crying, why she did not tell her she was coming back before, and why James was not with her. But Kate remained oblivious to the questions. Laura tried to catch her attention in several ways. She asked Kate if she wanted to be left alone, or if she wanted something to eat. She tried to comfort her by saying that Osiris was purring, which meant he was happy to see her, and that she sould be happy to see him too. In order to make Kate stop crying, Laura told her that cats absorb everything: would it be good or bad. She made her a silly jokes, as if she had seen Nessie, or if she had remembered to bring a bottle with snow. But Kate seemed to be somewhere else, and said nothing. Laura stroke Kate's hair, dried her tears, held her. But it was all in vain; Kate did not even look at her. Laura turned on the TV, and to kill time started to water the plants. When she was at the balcony her mobile phone rung. She had left it inside the bag, on a chair. She harried up and managed to pick it up. It was James. That morning they had gone skiing. After a while in the mountain Kate had a breakdown. The doctors said it was a heart attack. When she arrived at the hospital she was dead.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The child of the earth

child with no skin
and no meat
underground child

bone necklace
puppet child

lying on his back
dead flowers
mummy child

roof and steps
Dad’s voice
Mom’s sobs
brother’s laughter

child that pushes
child that beats
stifled scream

web of roots
child that climbs
earth that cedes

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's not "natural", "normal" or kind
The flesh you so fancifully fry
The meat in your mouth
As you savour the flavour


I wish I died today. Everybody should have the right to die. But this curse... I can’t stand it anymore. We, the grubs, sleep in a cocoon, but just a few of us become butterflies.
I'll go where nobody can see me, where the light can’t hurt me, where the cold burns only the good ones. I didn’t get used to the smell of earth yet, or to dampness, or to faded flowers. Today, more than ever, the creatures of the night frighten me. I don’t want to live in shadows.
I wish I died today. I wish I had not killed him. There is no worse condemnation than killing what we love. However, sooner or later he would have died. Now I am doomed to live this life, painted dull in gray scale. Today I will teach him to hunt, and then he will go away, like the others. It’s always the same, dead or alive everybody goes away but me.
I don’t want to be a friend of the flowers that scent on the stars. I won’t fly in flocks with bats. I won’t talk to the owls. Today I wish I saw the rainbow. I wish I were human again. I would like to be a mortal. Yes, I wish I died today.
I could wait until the sun sets and walk nowhere, get to a hidden place and take shelter. I could wait until dawn, and let the sun consume me. But I'm afraid of dying.
I’ll have to quench my thirst again. I could get up and peep through the window to see if it's true what they say about the sun, but I am afraid of getting blind. Dead and blind. Is there anything worse? I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking. All I can feel are these walls oppressing me. I'm a fruit locked in a can: If I stay, I’ll end up rotten. If I go, my remains will be devoured.
Today the ravens may come and get me, and I’ll tell them that I may be dead, but I’m not carrion. Today I can be broken apart even though I won’t feel any pain, because when you’re dead only your soul hurts. They can stick me daggers, but they won’t make me bleed.
Today I am dry water, a flexible bone, a speaking wall. Today I am everything the others want me to be, but nothing that I want to be myself.
Because today I want to die, but I can’t. Because I have to wait until night to come out of this coffin. Because I fear that this coffin is nothing but my own body.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mary was awakened by her own cry. She had dreamed of vampires. She jumped from bed. The sheets were stained with blood, and so was Mary. She left the bed and sat huddled in a corner. She could not stop shaking and wondering what had happened. It was snowing, and the window was open. She heard a flutter. Looked around. In between the sheets laid a dying bat. Its neck was torn. Mary's mouth felt sticky. She recognized the taste of death. Could not bear the horror. She looked out the window, and flew away.